It starts with employee engagement
Our collaborative approach provides you and your employees with information and tools to support you as your workplace evolves. With expertise in absence and disability management programs and workplace mental health, we listen first to your needs, then work with you to design a workplace health strategy – or simple program – that enhances your organization to help you get better results through a more engaged workforce, while attracting new talent.  Let's discuss your specific needs.

Workplace Mental Health
Workplace mental health and incidence of employee disability are inextricably linked. We’re fortunate in Canada to have the National Standard of Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace to provide employers with guidelines, tools and resources to work towards a mentally healthy workforce. There are also quick hits that can bring your organization closer to where you want to be.

Absence and Disability Management
Employee absence and disability management has become more complex in today’s world. For example, employers may struggle with understanding how to accommodate an employee, particularly relating to mental health and chronic illness. We can help decipher it all and work with you to understand your organization's options to help your employees remain at work and support them appropriately when returning.